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Welcome to an amazing way to engage, collaborate, work, and sell in a visually compelling, immersive virtual world. Alozari brings brands to life as the catalyst for organizations to connect with their customers, employees, or fans
in shared experience.

The Alozari Software as a Service (SaaS) platform enables

Using a world-renown, curated and guided events approach behind the scenes, we work with you to identify how to capitalize on the metaverse as a brand and sales channel – accelerating value and competitive advantage in B2B2C. Our tools include AI, blockchains, GreeNFTs, multi-currency wallets, and other web3 technologies.

By combining the best of global event production, content creation, and gaming technology, the Alozari SaaS platform is limited only by your imagination.

Weaving the Real and Virtual Worlds Together

Like Zari the golden thread woven into intricate fabrics, we believe connection is the golden thread of shared experience. At Alozari we seek to return that connection through a collaboration of seasoned pro’s in events, entertainment, and technology. We’ve been weaving the real and the virtual worlds together for decades, always at the forefront of technology and engagement.

Experiences Reinvented

environments reimagined runway show

Environments Reimagined

Technology Amplified

Virtual Events
Made Real

Experience visually compelling live, virtual, and hybrid events. Recreate any environment, customize existing venues, or build whatever you can imagine, bringing your brand to life. Accessed via a web browser and launched from any device – computers, tablets, phones, wearables, and streaming TV’s, Alozari makes shared experience possible from anywhere, with anyone at any time.


  • Program Ideation
  • Attendee Journey
  • Branding
  • Lead Programs
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Thought Leadership
  • Alignment
  • Sponsorship & Partner Programs


  • Design & Ideation
  • Campaign Development
  • Digital & Structural Design
  • Event Branding & Signage 
  • Merchandise


  • Immersive Experiences
  • Campaign Activations
  • Content Development
  • Social Media Activation
  • Analytics


Organizations to Connect

Rather than merely replicate your live events in a technical environment, we help you rethink your event purpose, goals and objectives from a strategic view and guide you to best express them in the metaverse.

Conference and Corporate Event Producers

Creative event producers in music, film, entertainment, or sports

Musicians, artists, entertainers or athletes

Venue owners or managers

Leadership Team

Co-founder and CEO

Ronda Thomas

Recognized leader in experiential marketing and sponsorship, building strategic marketing programs for global leaders in IT, telecommunications, medical devices, and consumer brands with extensive international work in music, sports, and entertainment.

Co-founder and CxO

Allison Saget

Accomplished marketer, brand champion, and author with deep expertise and a proven track record in event strategy and management, advertising, production, direct marketing, logo merchandising, and broadcasting. Designed and managed well over 1,000 events for clients in high-tech, retail, media, education, and healthcare industries.

Advisory Board

John Balestrieri

Founder & CEO
Vavel Games AB, IT leader

Valentin Bercovici Headshot
Valentin (Val) Bercovici

Founder & CEO, CLICK
 Co-Creator, web3summit

Derek Gordon Headshot
Derek Gordon

Growth Strategy Leader
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